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In the middle of the northern Swedish highlands, we have manufactured silencers since 2007. In a place that many people find impossible, where you live in a certain way, we made it possible. In a place, where almost no one lives, we have created our greatest success.

We have this little village to thank for everything we’ve done. Here, we were born with a passion for hunting in our blood - if not - we’ve grown into it because of the mentality that predominates here. Hunting and all types of outdoor life are a part of the way we live - it’s a part of our everyday life. It’s just as obvious as the air we breathe.

Passion for hunting in combination with a great interest in technology is the biggest foundation-stones of our advanced silencers. We are hunters who know what hunters want. Every one of us has taken our own experiences, our knowledge, and our adventures, and together we have developed something that a hunter expects from a high-quality product. We have come together and picked what we’ve missed and created products that match hunters who share our philosophy and values. We have created something for the hunter who knows what features a good product has, and that’s aware of why those attributes are important.

We are hunters that share the same pathos. We are Norrlanders who appreciate the simple. The idea we have about hunting has been broken down into details in our silencers. We have combined high-technology design with a minimalistic attitude, with few compromises. All of this to develop products that perform in all supposable situations. The place has made this possible. Every product has been quality tested in the most extreme circumstances that we have in northern Sweden.

All of our experiences fall into a huge knowledge that we value the most. Knowledge is the most important ingredient in quality, and with a bit of enthusiasm, we can share that with others. We want to share. Real knowledge is the key that unlocks doors, opens new gates, and puts perspective on the demands of high-quality products.

As obvious as the air we’re breathing is our surroundings. In our way of living nature is the most important we have and the free is what makes life possible to live life to the fullest. The feeling, culture, and lifestyle we enjoy are viable because of the surroundings we have. Because of this, we care for nature and this pervades everything we do.

Every product we develop is by our values. Our passion for the place, the hunt, the knowledge, and the technique together with the will to always be better is mixed in our potpourri. This draw on what Stalon is - on who we are. We aren't just hunters - we are devoted hunters that focus on what we think is unbeatable.

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