Stalon silencers are probably the most versatile products on the market. We offer accessories in all forms, setups, and versions for our silencers to enhance the experience and use of them so they can accompany you on all the adventures you dream of.


To achieve high quality you can’t take any shortcuts. Quality is more than just a word. Quality is more than an expression. Quality and passion walk hand in hand.

At Stalon, we see quality as the most important partner in our production, from idea to finished product. Quality is a part of every small detail and exists in every effort we put down. The intention and the approach that imprint our work together with the will to improve, develop, and try new variants make a Stalon silencer a high-quality product and give exactly what we promise - a product that is manufactured expressly for the aware and passionate hunter.

Quality isn’t just something we use in slogans and other forms of marketing. Quality is something that saturates all of our work and our brand. Quality is an absolute truth for Stalon.

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