maintenance & care

How do you maintain your Stalon silencer? Our silencers are made to last a long time, provided that you take care of it correctly. Only simple but continuous maintenance is needed. Below, we list our recommendations and share several common problems caused by deficient care.

Step by step

step 1. clean the bore

Start by cleaning the bore from any gunpowder residue. This is best done with a gun cleaning brass brush or boresnake.

step 2. lubricate threads

Wipe the threads of the silencer with a piece of paper to remove any dirt. If dirt gets into the split section, it will cause problems when disassembling the silencer later. Lubricate the split section between the front and back parts (if the silencer is divisible). Use Stalon silencer grease >

step 3. barrels's thread

Also lubricate the barrel threads with the same grease. Ensure that these are also cleaned from any debris.

step 4. oil

Finish by spraying a light gun oil for about 1-2 seconds (i.e., 1-2 short bursts) inside the silencer.


Condensation forms inside the silencer during use. Water and moisture, in combination with gunpowder residue, contain ammonia and other corrosive substances that have to dry up before storage. Moisture damage can occur if you don’t dry out the silencer after use. This will affect the silencer's efficiency and performance.
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To protect from moisture, we recommend regularly spraying the inside of the silencer - from the front end - with gun oil or other thin oil (e.g. WD-40), for about 1-2 seconds.
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The silencer is stored standing with the front-end pointing down in a dry, well-ventilated spot. Laws and regulations might force you to keep it in a weapon safe.


We don’t recommend using third-party cleaning substances or liquids.
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Instruction video

fix the scratch

The silencer’s surface might get scratched on twigs or else when moving in the forest.

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common issues

Salty crystals inside a silencer due to insufficient oil treatment and maintenance.
There's dirt in the silencer
Water and moisture, in combination with gunpowder residue, create a corrosive pulp. A silencer that hasn’t been lubricated with oil will release big, white crystals that look like crashed dishwasher tablets.
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If you have one of the Stalon X models, and can’t screw it apart, there are a few possible reasons. It has most likely been damp for a long time.
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A bullet stain in the muzzle can depend on several reasons. One issue, common during shooting sessions at range, is impaired precision after a while.
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