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How do you choose a silencer that matches your weapon and your puropse? In our product guide we help you find the silecer that fits you the best. It's divided into different hunting forms (purpose) and calibers. In 2023 year's guide there's more working alternatives than in the previous version.

user manuals & instructions

You'll find all user manuals and instructions here, for bothn silencers and accessories.

noise measurement

When measuring noise, we use the current international standard MIL-STD-1474D. This method specifies the exact procedure that should be used when measuring noise, to get an exact and reliable result. We explain how it works, what a reliable result is, and what happens when using the position "shooter's ear".

More guides

Further down this page, you'll find more guides where we discuss important subjects that concern silencers, noise reduction, and hunting. You'll also find several stories to get inspired by other hunting interests and experiences.


Behind Stalon silencers, there's an enormous experience and knowledge. We want to share that with you. We want you to learn exactly how a silencer can make your hunting experiences better than they are today.

guide: swedish moose hunt

It’s soon time for the moose hunting premiere in Sweden - the holy weeks of the hunting year. How did the elk hunt begin, and how far back in time? What does the law say? And is it true that the Swedish elks in the north are bigger than the ones in the south? We will discuss this and much more in this extensive guide. And of course, we’ll give our best recommendations for silencers for the moose hunt.


Daniel & Filip explain the thoughts and philosophy behind 2023 years product guide. They show a couple of different standard weapons and silencers for the most common calibers. In this episode they also test shoot Stalon RF.

How do you take care of your silencer? Daniel talks about our recommendations for maintenance of Stalon silencers.

Daniel Axelsson demonstrates how to install a Stalon silencer to your weapon.

Follow Bra Jakt on a two-day driven hunt in Swedish Östergötland!

This episode is about driven hunt! Bra Jakt shares useful tips for a more successful hunting.

In this episode Bra Jakt guides you through different ammunition for hunting ptarmigan.


I am a passionate hunter from Sweden who perform some of Sweden`s most demanding forms of hunting. In the wintertime, you will find me on skies after capercaillie or black grouse, my all-time favorite. It`s a different type of hunt that places high physical demands on the body and puts a lot of pressure on my equipment since it`s a very mobile type of hunt often in harsh terrain and hard conditions with snow and cold climate  For me, hunting is a way to experience and connect with nature. It takes me to beautiful places where I have never been and leaves memories for life. When out hunting I can completely be in the moment for a while and get away from the daily stress. Hunting also gives me wonderful meetings with friends and family and the opportunity to meet new people. As a bonus, it gives me high-quality meat from animals who have lived a life in our nature. To be a hunter with great respect for nature and all animals is really important to me.

Favorite silencer:
Stalon X108

"For me, hunting can have many characteristics; it can be grand and quiet. Simple and complex. No matter the type of hunting, and no value if you’re hunting roedeer in Swedish Värmland or hunting gems chamois in New Zealand, the result of successful hunting is always the same; the moment you carry forever. I hunt for the moments only. This can happen when hunting on my own or hunting in a team. Hunting is a tool to eternalize moments that I carry for life."

Favorite silencer:
Stalon X108 - unbeatable at all times.

Bra Jakt believes that there’s a lack of hunting videos where the viewers are in focus. That’s why our Youtube channel came to life. We want to share our experiences in hunting with the expectation to share knowledge and inspiration. We hope that there’s something for everyone to learn on our channel.

Favorite silencer:
Stalon XE108 for 9,3x62 and Stalon VICTOR for 30-06.


"Together with every product delivered from Stalon follows a two-year warranty. It’s a promise that we fix things that may have gone wrong when manufacturing your product. If the product is damaged due to mismanagement, careless use, or through an accident, the warranty is not available for eventual reparations. If your warranty isn’t valid we’d still like to help you, obviously for a reasonable price."

*Service, repair, and other interventions can only be made by Stalon AB or by a Stalon-authorized workshop.



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