stalon rf

Stalon RF is developed to provide an excellent noise-reducing effect for all rimfire calibers.

The Stalon RF is our special silencer for ALL rimfire calibers. Regardless of the firearm type, it outperforms anything else we have seen and heard. Weighing only 96 grams and measuring less than 12 cm long, the Stalon RF still withstands continuous practice shooting. RF is the only silencer you need for .17 - .22 rimfire calibers.
Extremely small and neat
Incredible noise reduction for all weapons
Outstanding durability for intense practice shooting
Fits all rimfire cartridges
Highest standard and quality
Advanced technical recoil reduction

high-performance silencer

one silencer for all calibers


replacement for rc and rm

the best we ever developed
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easy maintenance

small silencer but easy to clean
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Stalon RF Silencer

Stalon RF, front mounted silencer developed for hunting and shooting with rimfire cartridges, from cal. .17 to cal. .22.With a minimal diameter of only 31,5mm, a very low weight and an outstanding noise reduction for all .17-.22 rimfire cartridges, Stalon RF is a brilliant choice for both rifles and pistols.
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- 29,9 dBc (cal .22lr pistol)
117 mm (forward)
96 gram

what is a rimfire-silencer?

especially for rimfire cartridges