stalon timeline

stalon is born

1989 -
begins i a barn
Our story begins in 1989 in an old barn far north in the Swedish highlands. In the middle of the woods, in a small village called Stalon, Daniel’s father is running a company. Instead of building a new workshop, an old barn was furnished for practical reasons. Firstly, the customers were industries in Northern Sweden, but the basis increased, and larger clients like IKEA ordered work. At that time, we manufactured precision parts for entrepreneurs like Volvo and Koenigsegg.
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1999/2000 -
Daniel moves home
Daniel’s father ran the company alone for about a decade until Daniel finally decided to move home. He entered the business with target of one day running the company himself. At this time, there were no employees, and it was hard to get a full salary. Daniel was a welder and could enlarge the customer base with more lego welding. During this time, the barn/workshop was rebuilt and got a staff room. The renovation was done in 2002. One had by that time invested in a CNC machine - worth more than one and a half times the company's revenue.
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2003 -
maria is connected
In 2003 Maria was connected to the company. Production and manufacturing had previously been the main priorities. But with Maria’s help, more focus was held on service in different shapes, marketing, and other important administrative assignments. Maria had experience and knowledge in accounting - which became her focal task, in combination with production.
An old image of Daniel Axelson and Maria to illustrate and show the development and growth of Stalon AB/Stalon silencer.


2004 -

the silencer

2007 -
Firstly there was a question, and then there was an idea. The knowledge was there. The workshop was there. The machines were there.
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the decision

2008/2009 -
simple decision
By the year-end of 2008/2009, Daniel and Maria had decided. It was time to put all focus on manufacturing silencers for hunting and shooting. For many years they had searched for their own product, so the decision was easy. Stalon Compact was born as the first self-designed silencer. Stalon and Stalon Light were remade to Whisper. These two basic models still exist but in different shapes. By this time, the assembly was only a desk and all supplies were within reach. The desk also acted as more or less stock.

And yes, we are still in the barn.
An old image of the barn to illustrate and show the development and growth of Stalon AB/Stalon silencer.


2010 -
In 2010 Gert was hired at 75% but always working more hours - and he still works at Stalon. Daniel and Maria didn’t know how much they could promise, and they wanted to be sure that they had enough work to hire. Times were still insecure, and they didn’t know how much they would produce for the bigger clients. Maria and Daniel still didn’t get a full paycheck.

This year the first substantial rebuild started and was finished in 2012. Daniel and Maria did a lot of work by themselves - and had two little boys at the same time. This is an epoch filled with renovations, that are still ongoing.
Old image of Daniel and Gert.


2011 -
more staff
Since 2011 new employees have been recruited every year. Ulla, still among us, started in 2011. After that, new faces have been added yearly and a majority of these still work at Stalon. It was relieving for Maria and Daniel to hire, but they are still grateful for the experience of literally living at the company. They consider experience as knowledge. Although, when Ulla was employed they felt a lack of energy and needed something back, the workload was high and they needed a distance from the company.


2015 -
whisper becomes w
Do you remember Whisper, the first self-designed silencer? In 2015 an update of Whisper was launched and became W. This silencer had the first golden ring, which is Stalon’s signature today. Between the years 2015/2016 the factory was rebuilt again, and a new staff room was done.

king carl gustaf

2018 -
In 2018 we got the honor to welcome Sweden's monarch, Carl XVI Gustaf, to our factory in Stalon. It was a Saturday in the colder February, and we’re very proud and happy about this visit.


2021 -
the factory
The latest rebuild was started in 2021 and was finished in the autumn of 2022. There is a total of six CNC machines in the building today. One single of these is worth more than Daniel's first investment. Today several hundred silencers are made a day and sent to customers in Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe, and other parts of the world. All of this happens in Stalon; a small village with 30 inhabitants, without mobile coverage, amongst a small gravel road in the middle of the woods - only. Because to persons refused to give up their dream.


2024 -
from barn to industry
What was once a barn is today an industry that manufactures silencers for weapons with one purpose - to give hunters an indescribable hunting experience. Here, passion for hunting, wilderness, animals, and nature are pursued in perfect symphony with modern technology, immense knowledge, and northern mentality. The barn is still left in the heart of the factory - if yet been reconstructed - but somehow constitutes the core of Stalon AB. It testifies to willpower, patience, and belief in the future. At the same time, it takes us back to basics where an eye for detail, honesty, and quality are the main partners.