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Choosing silencer is mostly super easy, but there are reasons and times when the choice isn’t that easy. A silencer contains several technical features and smart solutions that shall be compared with design, size, and durability. The silencer's pros and cons shall mix up in what fits you and your needs. If you’re aware of these, the choice will be much easier.

Stalon has over fifteen years of experience in silencers for hunting. We have assessed and compared different important properties for a hunter, both short- and long-term. Despite this, we’re not fully trained - there’s more to discover about silencers - to make them more efficient, smaller, and more sustainable.

We’ve chosen several topics that can be important to know and learn more about when choosing a silencer. Some of these subjects are more important to some hunters, while others might not be as essential.


We relied on three hunting forms we consider most common when developing our silencers; moving hunt, spot and stalk, and allround. Important features for a moving hunter are low weight, short extension, and a well-balanced weapon. These can be crucial for even being able to perform the hunting as wished. As a dog handler, you’d want a small and smooth silencer that makes it possible to move quietly in the forest.

When practicing calmer hunting forms, you can look at the larger silencers. Weight and length are no longer as important when being a stand shooter. Instead, features such as the best possible recoil reduction and barrel flip are more essential. These characteristics are necessary to fire a bullet with excellent precision at longer distances.

To find a silencer for the hunter who’d like to use the same one for different hunting forms, some features need to be compromised in advantage of another. The different properties of one specific silencer need to be considered to find a fitting model.


The first thing you look for when choosing a silencer is available calibers. All silencers are optimized for different calibers; some for smaller, some for the middle calibers, and some for the more powerful. One silencer is available for several calibers but is adapted to perform best in a few specific.

The silencer will also reduce the noise level differently depending on which caliber it's used with. One model can be perfect for a certain caliber and won’t give the same result in a powerful magnum caliber. The same goes for recoil reduction; a smaller silencer will not make wonders with an excessive caliber.


Efficiency is synonymous with a longer silencer in front of muzzle. However, the saying that a silencer with more volume will reduce noise better than a smaller one is a common misconception. According to us, this is not the truth. There are solutions to the prejudice about size and noise reduction. With advanced technology and knowledge, a silencer that extends 108 millimeters can be no less than one with a 150-millimeter extension.

The experienced noise reduction is also affected by the barrel’s length. Changing length just a little bit can have more influence on the noise level than changing caliber. A short barrel will not only affect the experienced noise - it will also alter recoil, temperature, and so on.


A small and neat silencer is often less efficient than a big one. Low weight means the silencer is less durable and can’t be used for target shooting. Again, we want to prove it's possible to combine these features for a better experience than expected. We have manufactured low-weight silencers with incredible endurance for more intense shooting. However, we always recommend paying attention to the silencer's temperature.


Our silencers are made for all forms of hunting, and almost every type of target shooting, for example, practice and cinema shooting. Design and function go together, and we have developed silencers where every detail has an important task. The surface is ultra matte to not be a disturbing object, reflect lights in the telescopic sight, or - indeed - scare games. The edge against the barrel is rounded to create a streamlined design to eliminate the risk of getting stuck in a holster backpack, twigs, or similar. The barrel support, placed in the silencer’s back part, is an extra support if you accidentally bump the weapon into something. All our silencer, except one, has a telescopic design. This means that a part of the silencer extends backward over barrel and creates a well-balanced weapon. All these small elements play an important role for the user, even if you haven’t considered it yet.

Our silencers are adapted for almost all threads and barrel dimensions, up to 22.5 millimeters. Our main focus is producing silencers with short extension and low weight. If you have a short and compact weapon, you want an equivalent silencer. If not, the risk of having a piece of top-heavy equipment is major. The silencer and weapon should together create harmony.

choosing silencer for smart solutions

Our X-series, with six different models, is a highly flexible production of silencers. All models fall within a system where the fronts are possible to change. You can choose one length on the front or even change caliber. It’s a super easy system built on the philosophy that the experience of hunting should be as great and simple as possible. The interchangeable front system makes it possible to differ fronts or back parts according to the current hunting form or demand.

Our silencers can also be optimized to individual likes and dislikes. Our wide selection of accessories can be used to customize the silencer to your requirements.

choosing silencer for simplicity

We have no loose parts or details that need change or maintenance. Our silencers neither demand any advanced cleaning procedure. A simple maintenance will make your silencer last for many years. Most silencers are dividable, which makes maintenance even easier.

choosing swedish-made

All our details, from raw materials to finished products, are manufactured in Swedish Lapland. Every silencer is born, drawn, and lastly finished in our factory in Stalon. Every detail in our silencers has its origin from the hunting we conduct in the northern wilderness, and every part is produced a stone’s throw from our hunting areas. They are tested in the most demanding circumstances we encounter in Northern Sweden. It’s always been this way and will be so for all times.

choosing manufacturer's passion

We are no ordinary industry that mass-produces random products. We are no industry producing without consideration. We are no industry developing products without feelings. We are hunters developing world-class silencers. We are hunters with sensation and knowledge.

The passion for hunting in combination with an enormous technical interest are the foundation stones in the production of a Stalon silencer. We have all brought our experiences and knowledge to develop silencers for hunters who know what qualities a good product has.

In our way of life, nature makes it possible to live life to its fullest. This feeling, culture, and lifestyle are available because of our environment. Because of this, we cherish it, and this infuses our mindset.

We care for nature and our ecological footprint. That’s why we installed solar panels and you can be sure that 10% of our silencers are made from sustainable energy. We only manufacture on order, meaning that we have no residual stock, and no products are made for nothing. All materials are recycled, and our products are delivered in 100% climate-compensated packaging. The future is in our hands, and we want to do what we can to make tomorrow better.



Driven hunts are perhaps the most intense hunting experience out there. A line of beaters (most often accompanied by dogs) drive the game out and push them toward a chain of waiting hunters.When an area is driven in such a proper way, it is natural for many different game species to be seen in these activities. Wild boar is without a doubt at the heart of driven hunting, but on most driven hunts it is also possible to see other games, like fallow deers, red deers, roe deers, foxes, pheasants, and perhaps mouflon and sika stag all depending on what the individual district can offer.Whether you are a beater or a hunter, certain features of your equipment are preferable for driven hunts. We think it is important to choose a silencer and its features based on the type of hunting.For driven hunts, we think and recommend silencers that allow for quick movements for running game, where flexibility and/or "easy-to-carry" features go hand in hand with quick movements.A Stalon silencer for quick movements is usually lightweight and has a short extension of the weapon. these two features conflict with the term: Maximum noise reduction, you often need to sacrifice some noise reduction to get the best possible silencer for driven hunts (unless you choose the one with maximum noise reduction).

A wild boar in the summertime, the sun is shining. Representing driven hunt.

spot & stalk

Spot and stalk/stalking hunting are one of the most demanding, yet peaceful form of hunting. The method is best performed in open or semi-open landscapes, where a hunter can locate the game at a distance before stalking into an effective distance without getting attention from the animal.Spot-and-stalk/stalking method gives you a number of tactical and strategic advantages over the less disciplined approach of just wandering around with a gun in hopes of driving something up. Spot-and-stalk/stalking hunting lets you cover ground with your eyes instead of your feet, sometimes more ground in a glance than you would be able to cover with your feet.Spot-and-stalk/stalking is often used when hunting roe deer, fallow deer, red deer, mouflon, sika stag, and many other games depending on location and the local selection of game.

The recommended silencer for successfully Spot-and Stalk/stalking will vary depending on how you plan to conduct the hunt. Typically, a hunter will spend many hours stalking for just a few seconds of opportunity at a clean shot. The silencer needs to help conduct those hours while maximizing efficiency in those few moments. A silencer with the best reduction of physical impacts, such as recoil and barrel flip, and noise reduction are important features for a potentially long-range shot and possibly a follow-up shot. To have these benefits one will have to equip the weapon with any of the longer/larger Stalon silencers. Noise reduction and recoil reduction often go hand in hand with each other.

En älgtjur.


Allround hunting is a good mix of the different methods of hunting, where quick movements, flexibility, stable shooting, and good follow-up shot possibilities are equally important or interesting for the hunter. the intensity of the driven hunt and the demanding, yet peaceful moments of the spot-and-stalk/stalking hunts are examples of combinations of allround hunting.Allround hunting is what most hunters do if they are inveterate hunters, often with equipment and gear for each of the individual hunting disciplines.Allround hunting puts the hunter in a position to choose equipment based on the method of hunting, while some equipment just works well for all occasions.

For allround hunting, and if the hunter wants to stick with just one Stalon silencer, the different features of the silencers have to be carefully weighted in when choosing model. Some features just have to be "sacrificed" for the advantage of something the hunter think is more important for its style of hunting. It is, without doubt, the toughest to choose a model for allround hunting, unless the hunter chooses one for each method or hunting style.

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Stalon VICTOR-series contains two unique models with varying lengths, weights, and performances.  Both models are designed with a telescopic construction to initiate a better balance of the silencer and weapon.


Stalon RF is developed to offer an excellent reducing effect to all rimfire cartridges. Regardless id Stalon RF is used with a slow caliber with a small amount of gunpowder, or a fast and hot rimfire magnum caliber, the silencer will reduce almost the same amount of noise.

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