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silencers for hunting

A silencer increases the hunting and shooting experience thanks to its stunning characteristics. A silencer doesn’t only reduce the noise of the blast but also reduces recoil and muzzle flash. Therefore, a Stalon silencer becomes a faithful friend during your hunting adventures. Stalon developed their silencers for one purpose: to deliver the most epic on-barrel experience in the world.


An eye for detail, accuracy, and knowledge in combination with honesty, create a silencer of genuine quality. We keep our promises and guarantee that your Stalon silencer gives more than expected. As proof and promise, Stalon gives two years warranty on every product.

made in sweden

A Stalon silencer is born, developed, and manufactured in the small village of Stalon - from raw material to finished product. Our silencers are controlled by our hunters, in our hunting areas. They are manufactured by hand by our competent and experienced co-workers. A silencer for rifles from Stalon is 100% made in Sweden and comes straight from the northern woods.

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Ten percent of the Swedish population has some sort of hearing loss. A considerable amount of these are hunters whose hearing has been damaged due to high decibel levels in conjunction with firing a shot from a gun. But the misunderstanding about what silencers on hunting guns means is, unfortunately, big - most people believe that silencers create complete quietness.
The correct answer is that moderators reduce the noise of muzzle blasts on fired hunting guns, but unfortunately not the noise from the bullet boom and the bullet impact.

A regular big game fires a shot of almost 167 decibels (according to MIL-STD-1474D), which is way above the limit of what is harmful to the hearing - for both the hunter and the surrounding. A silencer can reduce noise by scores of percent. The sound won’t disappear and can still be heard in a distance, but it removes the dangerous sound levels that damage the ear and cut the noise to a more comfortable level.

The benefits of silencers for hunting guns don’t stop at a lower decibel level. A silencer improves hunting and shooting in several steps. And makes you a safer and more confident shooter. The suppressed bang and the reduced recoil make you calmer and by that, the silencer contributes to increased accuracy. Silencers for rifles are not only used for personal improvements but also to protect their dogs and surrounding as well.

A Stalon silencer decreases recoil, barrel flip and improves precision when firing a bullet. The matte black surface reduces reflections which is beneficial in bright sunlight as well as in darker circumstances. All of this creates a well-planned, developed, and perfectly balanced product. A Stalon silencer is easy to install and matches almost any weapon. Is there a reason not to get a Stalon?




Stalon VICTOR-series contains two unique models with varying lengths, weights, and performances.  Both models are designed with a telescopic construction to initiate a better balance of the silencer and weapon.


Stalon RF is developed to offer an excellent reducing effect to all rimfire cartridges. Regardless id Stalon RF is used with a slow rimfire caliber, or a fast and hot rimfire magnum caliber, the silencer will reduce almost the same amount of noise.

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