Stalon. A place above the cultivation limit in the Northern Sweden mountains. Amongst bushes and thicket, close fir forest, high mountains, and deep valleys - where the brooks burl, birds are singing, and the bear sneaks around the corner, lays an industry that manufactures silencers.

Here, in the middle of nowhere, dreams have come true. Miracles have happened. The impossible has become possible.

Stalon AB is located in the small village of Stalon, along a two-kilometer-long gravel road straight into a radio blackout. A spruce-covered mountain raises behind the factory, and miles and miles of woodland, water, and mountains spread out at the front. In the middle of the hunting areas, silencers are manufactured with one purpose - to deliver a hunting experience to never forget. Here, we believe in honesty, sustainability, professionalism, and high quality - with a tiny bit of northern mentality.

Every small part of our silencers is developed and produced in our factory in Stalon - from raw material to complete product. Our factory is built to manufacture silencers of the highest quality with modern technology, and at the same time leave the smallest footprint possible in nature. Experience, high competence, and willing force are important parts of making our products. A Stalon silencer is born, defined, and tested by our hunters in the most demanding circumstances to deliver more than expected.

Beyond the idea and the company is the couple Daniel and Maria Axelsson, among twelve employees.


1989 -

En svartvit bild över området i Stalon under 1940-talet. Bilden är ett flygfoto.
En svartvit bild som föreställer en gammal svarv.
En svartvit bild av Kjell Axelsson (till vänster) och Daniel Axelsson (till höger), tagen 2001 i Stalon.

1999/2000 -

vänster) och Daniel Axelsson (höger)

2003 -

2004 -

2007 -

Bilden föreställer Stalon Light som var den första ljuddämpare Stalon tillverkade.

2008/2009 -

Bilden föreställer ladugården där Stalon började tillverka sina ljuddämpare.

2010 -

Bilden föreställer Daniel Axelsson och Gert Olofsson som installerar en ljuddämpare på ett vapen. Bilden är gammal.

2011 -

2015 -

2018 -

Bilden föreställer H.M Konungen framför dörren till fabriken i Stalon. Bakom kungen syns en skylt med Stalons logotyp.
På bilden syns H.M Konungen som pratar med Maria Axelsson och Daniel Axelsson.
På bilden syns H.M Konungen som håller i en ljuddämpare. Daniel håller i en kartong framför honom.
På bilden ser man flera människor inklusive anställda på Stalon AB. De pratar med H.M Konungen i fabriken.

2021 -

2023 -

meet the crew

Christian Finnström, production at Stalon silencer.
Christian Finnström
CNC Engineer
Daniel Axelsson, CEO and founder at Stalon silencer.
Daniel Axelsson
Founder & CEO
Emil Andersson, sales at Stalon silencer.
Emil Andersson
Sales & Market
Filip Söderström, guns and production at Stalon silencer.
Filip Söderström
Guns & Production
Gert Olofsson, assembly at Stalon silencer.
Gert Olofsson
Hannele Bång, marketing at Stalon silencer.
Hannele Bång
Market & Content
Maria Axelsson, CEO and financial at Stalon silencer.
Maria Axelsson
Founder & Financial
Jenny Lindblad, stock coordinator at Stalon silencer.
Jenny Lindblad
Stock coordinator
Nathalie Lindblad, assembly at Stalon silencer.
Nathalie Lindblad
Martin Hansson, assembly and logistics at Stalon silencer.
Martin Hansson
Logistics & Assembly
Ulla Swärd, order coordinator at Stalon silencer.
Ulla Swärd
financial & office
Viktor Lindström, production and development at Stalon silencer.
Viktor Lindström
CNC Engineer & Development

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